The Fish-E-Grip is an ergonomic handle for your fishing rod that eliminates arm and wrist fatigue while fishing.  By allowing your arm and wrist to be placed in an ergonomically correct position during lure retrieval, the Fish-E-Grip completely eliminates excessive strain to your arm and wrist.


The Fish-E-Grip ergonomic handle system attaches to your existing fishing equipment without any effect on your ability to cast the way you do today. Models are available for both spinning rods and bait cast rods.



Traditional Method

The modern fishing rod geometry has been virtually unchanged for decades. Unfortunately, this design keeps the anglers wrist in an extremely forward-angled position.  The angler's discomfort will increase the longer the wrist is in this position and over time can lead to serious discomfort or pain in the wrist, forearm, elbow and even the shoulder.


The Fish-E-Grip ergonomic fishing handle alleviates the strain and pain because your wrist and arm are kept in an ergonomic position.


Fish-E-Grip Method 

The Fish-E-Grip handle allows the rod to follow the contour of your arm in its natural state, and keeps your wrists in its natural position during lure retrieval. The Fish-E-Grip allows arm joints and muscles to be in the most relaxed position while fishing, allowing the angler to completely avoid any strain or pain.