The Fish-E-Grip ergonomic fishing rod handle attaches to and provides an ergonomic way to hold your current spinning rod. By allowing your arm and wrist to be placed in an ergonomically correct position during lure retrieval, the Fish-E-Grip completely eliminates excessive strain to your arm and wrist.


The Fish-E-Grip attaches in front of the reel and does not interfere with casting.



The Fish-E-Grip:

  • is easy to install with no permanent modifications to your fishing rod.

  • is extremely light-weight (less than 2-3/4 oz).

  • has a removable handle.

  • includes stainless steel hardware.

  • is made in the USA.

  • has a lifetime warranty. Click here for warranty info.


Installation Instructions







Will this fit your rod?

This model Fish-E-Grip is designed to fit most spinning fishing rods

that have the following characteristics:

  • a metal front reel seat 

  • a handle diameter of 1-1/8 inches or less